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why you're not hitting your sales goals. {part 1}

the scene: you have a certain number of people who you want to sign up for your course/private coaching program/mastermind - or maybe you have a certain amount of money in mind.

either way you're clear on what you want and you know that you want it badly.

so you get started. do the things. write the emails. post the videos.

but then things don't go the way you want them to go. people aren't buying. people are saying "I can't afford it" faster than you can count. people are hesitant, on-the-fence. people hire someone else. you get the picture. what started out as this big idea filled with excitement and possibility is slowly, but surely becoming a poopy pile of major disappointment.

so you begin to question. and doubt. you wonder whether you were shooting too hi. whether anyone will ever buy anything from you. whether you're really meant to be doing this. whether people are just laughing out you. whether this has all been a waste. you start to tell yourself that you suck and that your idea sucks and that this whole program is a disaster.

so then you stop. or cut back. send a few less emails. post a few less times on fb. lower your goals. hide. shy away. consider postponing the program or canceling it altogether.

and this whole time, you're blaming circumstances or other people for the lack of sales, the lack of money that's coming into your bank account. it's because your list is too small or you don't have a list, or FB's visibility is all weird now with algorithm stuff, or that the market is too saturated. Or you tell yourself you don't know enough or you don't really deserve this or some other ridiculously inaccurate thought. DorrisWedding homecoming outfits for in gold

ready to hear why you're not reaching your goals?
ready to hear why the sales didn't appear like you hoped?
ready to hear why making money feels hard?

Because you didn't make a RADICAL COMMITMENT.

Not just a plain-old-vanilla-hum-drum commitment. A RADICAL commitment. A commitment where you don't stop or slow down or doubt or delay at all - not from a place of hustle, but from a place of confidence and ease. A commitment where you keep following the inspired action, where you keep staying certain of your success, and you keep connecting with why your divine desire is for the highest good of you and all involved.

A commitment where you keep going and going and going and going and going and going and going until it's a reality. Not from a place of pressure or overwhelm, but from a place of calm confidence, a place of an ease-filled certainty that what you desire is yours. The. End.

The best part of all of this? You get to make a radical commitment whenever you choose to. That choice is always available to you. Every single minute. Like right now. And right now. And right now.

When you choose to never give up on yourself and your dreams, you always win.

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PPS. If we sent holiday cards, I definitely think this picture would be a high contender, right? <3 photo by Jennifer Janikic Photography