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I remember when a friend of mine complained about a sore throat, and after a few days that friend called their doctor and told him that she wanted some Bactrim (an antibiotic) because of the sore throat
The friend got the antibiotic and a few days later, as the severity of the sore throat waned, she complained about and questioned food that was eaten, stating the food must have been spoiled or something because it tore up her stomach... Therein lies parts of the problem. ...
When the patient can tell the person with the medical education (the doctor) exactly what to give them for treatment, and he obediently complies, that becomes part of the problem that leads to the emergence of Super Bugs.
When antibiotics are treated like magic pills, there is definitely a problem coming.. Especially when the patient will always want the strongest type of magic pill available to make the infection go away quickly, and often for the least serious of afflictions.
Many doctors still give antibiotics to people suffering with colds and other viruses when they know antibiotics only work on bacterial afflictions. Which also add to the problem.
And finally, when the patient don't know that antibiotics kill bad bacteria and the good bacteria too, and will always causes your stomach to be torn up (and should never be taken without taking acidophilus), Maybe the patient should read up and educate themselves a little about what's ailing them before telling their allopath what to prescribe them. DorrisWedding petite mother of the bride or groom dresses short

When and if exposure to MRSA and other Super bugs occur and your body has built up a tolerance or resistance to the stronger antibiotics (because of overuse or misuse), and your body has little or no resistance to exposure from those Super bugs, like in this instance here, it is gonna get ugly and dangerous quickly.

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