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Week five: Tips on how to deal with common early pregnancy discomforts
Sore breasts: Try wearing a sports bra, this will give you some support early on and help avoid too much movement that may cause pain a good tip is to try sleeping at night with a bra to help give you a little bit more support as you sleep. Another thing you may find helpful at this stage is breast pads, these will cushion you from the inner lining of your bra which may cause irritation. baby breast feeding wear for bridesmaid
Fatigue: Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and eating healthily as this will help give you a boost of energy. Try and get as much rest as you can and take short naps during the day when needed. And the biggest thing is to ask for help your body is doing a lot of work at the minute so make sure to ask for help and take any assistance offered to you!
Frequent urination: Now is the time to start your kegel exercises this will help you with the control of your bladder and will also be a help to you for during and after the birth of your baby. Try wearing a pad during the day this will help with any leaks. Avoid tea and coffee as these are diuretics and will cause you to need to go more.
Nausea: Eat little and often and drink plenty of water between meals. Try keeping a diary to work out if you have any particular triggers. Smelling lemons and drinking ginger tea may also help.