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Lets imagine all the dimensions with the source in the middle:
the source in the middle is all knowing and connected to all outer rings and contains all DNA for life to exist in all dimensions and now lets see how this energy is trasported to the outer rings - lower dimensions.

When a drop of source material wants to expand and experience the lower dimensions, the all knowing source drop of source material/pure consiousness) to experience a lower dimension and may act based on freewill.

This drop of pure consiousness remains connected to a cristalline etherical umbilical cord.

And the source experiences what this drop of consiousness is
experiencing through a cristalline umbilical cord - is a 2 way system, known as the DNA spiral, vortex energy, wormhole,etc.

Dna are little light packages of knowledge. A knowing that you open through experiencing.

By experiencing and walking our path in "alignment" ....BY HEART, we gain knowledge and the more Dna opens - the "Brighter"and less distorted we become , as a higher resonating vibration.

We as a drop of consiousness can also intend more energtic doubles in the same dimension...expanding in a horizontal fashion.

This process of intending energetic doubles is called the fractal effect.

We expand our subtle bodies by resonating their nature to the higher planes, via the higher spirals in our atoms, which are the wave in the rhytmic vibrations .

And the etheric organic cristalline transporting the light of the source (God) as energy of Love, through everything and fills us with vitality and wisdom .

So an expression of everything around us exists in a higher dimension,,, it was intended to be so by the Higher self.

Everthing resonates to one source via the frequencies/vibrations
expressed in colour ,sound,smell,taste ,touch,etc..The white light of source(all knowing) divided over the chakra's system n our Body, like the prism effect of the rainbow.

The correction of distortion - is about being aligned and connected on a vertical manner - linking up between the centres, aligning the chakras, - by doing what we imagine and what we feel( in the heart) is right.. - using our intuition.

Making the correct Heart /mind connection is:
- first, through the feeling in the heart and then via the thinking through the heart;

Imagination is connected to our pineal the form of insights, ideas .

The pineal gland is a crystal transmitter and receiver and is connected to source.

But it was deactivated through the mental and astral implants of the fallen races/ beings, that induced men to think only in horizontal manner, following suggestions from an outside source, not using own imagination; so the pineal gland stopped receiving the light from above.

In active state - It receives the higher knowing from higher dimension, by connecting to the energetic double in the higher dimension;
And bringing the higher knowledge in, - to manifest, through experiencing based on free will/heart.

The downwards spiral projected to us on earth comes to this universe by our Sun and is connected to our Higher self ( on the cosmic mental) and the heart centre in the head , that resonates to the atmic plane, through which all planes are linked.

In this manner ( alignments) - higher self provides a constant flow of energy, through the etherical connection.
It reaches us through our crown chakra and flows through the chakras bringing the higher frequencies in, to activate the chakras and DNA in the energy body.

This light , that flows through all the chakra's - flows also into the earth through the crystalline grid of mother earth.

This crystalline grid is the computer of mother earth and is activated by the Sun of hollow earth, its soul.The vibrations of the inner Sun create the upward spiral.

When we connect to this grid, mother earth activates her knowing how to manifest, through our input.By being a collective of creator's creation - we intended to further create this planetary system/universe in his name.

It also stores the memory of her-story in her data crystalline databanks as a compilation of all knowing through the dimensions leading back to the source.

If we view the earth and humanity from above and see energy flowing we see vibrating a ONE unit, vertically letting energy flow through our chakra's and letting it flow horizonatlly through the ether and the energy grid through all energy systems: physical, etheric, astral mental, etc. chic wedding selections with ruffle or ruching

Through this way the energy becomes "available"to every living being on and in the planet, energetically sharing the knowledge.