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I would like to take this time to thank my enemies.

Every Teacher who said I was nothin but trouble...and nobody would ever understand my art.

Every family member who acted embarassed of me...or treated me like I made them look bad.

Every pig that has pulled me over, profiled me or pat me down for nothing.

Everyone Ive worked for or with who didnt appreciate or value what I put in.

Everyone who ever stole from me.

Every female who ever rejected me.

Every female that left me or betrayed me.

Every promoter that stiffed me on my money.

Every rapper that thought I owed them something.

Every dickhead has-been heavy metal soundguy who treated me like "just a rapper"

Every troll who felt a need to compensate for their lack of attention by commenting some stupid shit on my posts.

Every girl's baby daddy whos mad at me because their baby momma got wet for me.

Every record label who refused to sign me because I was "self-destructive" and "hostile" and a "liability"

Every bigger artist I looked up to that shunned me away or treated me like I was just another number.

Everyone who ever doubted or underestimated me.

Every doctor who said Id mentally be 14 forever and would never grow psychologically.

Every tattoo artist who hated on me in online forums before my apprenticeship for asking for help and pointers.

Every other artist who acted like I was stepping on their toes.

Every kid in daycare who gave me ringworm, chickenpox or lice or unsightly kid plague.

Every weedman who was late or shorted my sack.

Every Taco Bell that gave me the shits.

Every warm beer I ever drank.

Anyone who ever put a grape blunt in rotation.

Any McDonald's who said their ice cream machine was down.

Any lighter that shit on me during a panic attack.

Any bed bug that bit my balls at the old apartment.

That bitch at my party that broke my bathtub.

The neighbors who called the laws on me.

The neighbors who accused my biy Thump of shooting someones house when he was in my house getting a tat.

Every old lady Ive been stuck behind on I 45.

Every cockroach that made me scream like a bitch.

Every ingrown hair from shaving my pubes.

Every Carniceria that gave me E coli.

Every Guitar Center clerk who tried to upsell me some bullshit I dont need.

Every "fan" who stopped fuckin with me..

That Ol Loraina Bobbit ass bitch that said she was gonna rape and kidnap me and we were soul mates and I just needed to accept it. crop top cocktail gowns

Every woman who claimed to be pregnant with my kid when we never had sex.

Every bully that picked on me when I was already getting abused at home.

Every barber who fucked up my edge up or undercut.

Every wobbly table that caused my bong to drop.

Every roomate who drank my birthday jager and smoked my roaches..

The bitch who stood me up when I even shaved my junk for them and bathed.

Every homie who said they were there for me and wasnt when I needed them.

Every dog whos shit I stepped in..

Italian sausage for mysteriously winding up stuck on the floor at work after I mop.

Every customer who ordered 6 or more pizzas and didnt give us at least an hour.

Every coworker I ever had to work a double for.

Every girl who ever started their shark week on Valentines day.

Shark Week in general.

Boxers that don't fit right...aka actual rustled jimmies.

...thats about it.

I appreciate the strength and motivation youve provided me.