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The crowd is getting bigger,
As my Savior is being brought nearer.
I can hear the screams of hate,
And hear the cries of someone saying " it's too late".
As I stand surrounded by family and friends for support,
I can not stop crying as I feel so helpless for there is nothing I can do but watch him hurt. fall season bridesmaid collections

The sun is shining so hot in the sky,
My heart is aching and I can not stop screaming inside why.
He has done nothing but help those in need So many like me he set free,
So why this brutality.
Then I remember what he said to me,
"This too has to come to pass u see,"
"So that one day you can be in Heaven with me,"
"Do not be angry or carry one ounce of hate,"
"For they know not what they do they know not their fate."

They are coming up the hill so close,
I can see on my Savior the crown of thorns.
As they pass by me I could not believe my eyes,
As I looked at his bloody body I fell to my knees and cried.
The rocks were hard against my knees but I didn't care,
The dirt was all over me and in my hair.
The tears were flowing my heart was breaking,
As the hammer made that awful sound.
I heard the screams of my loved ones who were all around,
I had to manage the strength to stand up and face the crowd.

No matter that I too was dying but to be weak was not allowed,
I had to stand up and be strong for I promised that I would.
As they raised the cross and I saw his beautiful face I knew that I could.
I just stared and cried, as I watched my Savior slowly die.
I couldn't take my eyes off of him,
And deep down I knew this was the end.
I grabbed ahold of my family and we held each other close,
The time is drawing near the time for Him to go,
We watched as he cried out and lifted his body up off the cross.
When he went back down there was silence and you did not hear a sound.
The sun that was shining so bright,
Turned to darkness as if it were night.
There was this loud sound from the town behind,
And the ground beneath shook and the soldiers ran off to hide.
It is finished this we knew,
Just as He said.
The last night we talked,
It was a beautiful night so we went for a walk.
The last thing he said to me
Was "be strong and keep your faith my sweet Mary of Bethany".
These words will forever be,
sketched on my heart and this day will forever be,
The day Love left me.
Mary Priddy