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I started writing a poem before Christmas, which is not finished, & now it never really will be. I'll try to be brief, but it was for Evelyn Stone , & forged out of our conversations as she she was dying. She faced an ugly thing beautifully, with mirth & grace, like everything in life. I do not have the heart to work on it now, but I will finish it - the last thing she said to me was that she was looking forward to seeing it complete (I'm so sorry that didn't happen, Evelyn. I am so sorry.) & she was a beautiful muse - but the main idea behind the piece is that words can make us immortal, so please keep immortalising her - share your stories. I know everything hurts overwhelmingly right now for a lot of us & THERE ARE NO WORDS, but it's the only thing, in my experience, that balms the rippled wounds in the heart. Keep the legend of the loveliest goth sand dune queen that was was going. She will forever be in a dripping wet 80s prom dress smiling on the lakeshore. formal dresses for weddings