formal wears for mature women over 40/50

The Knife Won’t Land Where You Planned It Too: Kye Sherrod
and How I Learned To Know That I Can’t Always Be Right

I was in this English class taught by some big black bitch who kept bragging about her stupid kids who didn’t know what it felt like to have a bottle broken over their heads. There was this loud short haired broad who kept running her mouth and I wanted to kick her in the cunt because it was bad enough I had to deal with some parent who I was paying to teach me things to get a grade without having to listen to more civil rights crap. “My son is blah blah blah…” I wanted to tell that old black bitch to stand outside with a sign so I could give everyone in class an “a” so we wouldn’t have to endure anymore white guilt than I already had. Class ended and this pale dave Chappelle clone walked in wearing an “Anti-Racist Action” shirt and my first thought was “this guy sucks, let’s see who he is here to meet” and wouldn’t you know it, it was the loud short haired broad and I said to myself “It figures.” I didn’t think much of it until awhile later. I was in this band called Loaded and we were booked to play with, I don’t know, some band Kye was in, a good band don’t get me wrong but I can’t recall right now and besides details are not necessarily important to tell a good story, every car crash has several fathers. I remember thinking to myself “Oh, it’s the ‘Anti Racist Action Figure Guy’ and I felt so horrible when I met him because he was incredibly cool but then again because of my preconceptions about him I wouldn’t be disappointed either way. If he was a dick I could say “I told you so” to myself and if he happened to not be (which he wasn’t) I could still say “I told you so!” Fast forward a couple of shows and years later, that broad busted up my friend’s heart and I bought him a couple of rounds after I bombed at this comedy show because I had money and I wanted to spend it to keep his mind off of that divorce because I know how much that hurts. But I digress, we worked on a side project fer awhile but nothing came of it so we just put that aside and decided to drink. I got out of work early one night and I called him up and he said “I’m at the bar talkin’ to a girl.” That “girl” turned out to be his new wife but I didn’t know it at the time. I showed up, put some Bon Scott AC/DC on the stereo and left them alone. A week or two later The Johnny Five let me roadie for them for a slew of shows in the lower Texas noise and I gladly obliged. Kye and I got pulled over, he got a ticket for speeding and I got a ticket for an open container and all this while we were listening to Straight Outta Compton. Fast forward, I was dating this one junkie girl who dressed real nice to their wedding at some park by that “blues” bar on a day, not sure what word came before it but I think it was a sat. Dead Passenger was on the bill and I said some what I thought was funny things (there are pictures of the aftermath) but in conclusion, if any of you have more to add to this story feel free, all I know is that I saw Kye at his lowest or at least what I thought was his lowest and ever since then he walks like the cock of the walk and has ditched that stupid “anti-racist action” shirt. formal wears for mature women over 40/50