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You stupid mother fuckers you know Bobby Joe does not love anyone but me and you brought that ugly fat ass stupid whore in here to add to your alls little bullshit of sitting at the hospital while my poor future husband is laying there on life support fighting for his life and all you are worried about is causing all this drama for him before you all stressed him out to the point that his brain burst and started bleeding and you all causing him to almost die he made it clear to you all and everyone that I was the one he was going to be with he told everyone how he was coming back home with me and we was getting married he told his grand kids that I was going to be there new step mamaw he was the happiest I had seen him in a long time and you all just kept on and kept on with your fucking dumb asses aggravating us he made it clear that he wasn't leaving me and he did not tell you to come get him lying fucking fugly ass whore because he had no way to contact you stupid fucktard he busted his phone he said he done it to show me he wasn't ever getting back on fb because he had no reason to be on there now that I was with him and he wasn't even around a phone to call you so stop with your fucking lying ass I can't wait for him to wake up because when he does he is going to tell both you snitches yea everyone you heard right Melissa Lowery and Mary Wilson are snitches so watch your backs anyway he is going to tell you all that you better get out of his face and that he wants me there he said right in front of me and several others that he is done he never wants you all talking to him or around him especially you all being snitches but you can keep on with your drama and trying to sit at the hospital and kill him but god will deal with you all that's for sure God hates ugly and you two are the ugliest two whores that has ever been put on earth to all Bobby Joe be their not going to stop until they kill him and the only reason you are even doing this is because you know she lives in Arkansas and he made it clear he would never be back there so you know as long as he is with her he will be in your basement on the phone with her trying to have a relationship while you are getting his check stamps and Suboxen win win for you huh but when he made his choice to be with me that spoiled your plans so that's why you thought up this plan to convince Melissa that he said all this shit and convince her he loves her to get her to go alone with you and destroy us instead you destroyed him by bout killing him so whatever Mary told you Bobby Joe said about you Melissa was a lie to get you to do what she wanted you to do Mary is a compulsive liar and tries to control everyone's lives so now you two are at the hospital killing my sweet future husband if he dies you two are going yo take the blame and you two will pay but o don't worry you are going to pay for what you have already done I promise you this if god strikes me dead now I will seek revenge on you two and I will destroy your lives the way you destroyed mine by killing the love of my life o yea and as for this little bullshit you cooking up about me cheating on him your so fucking retarded he is one of my best friends I would never cheat on someone I love and is my life my world so next time you want to assume shit because you see comments on a post if you would look it says bud meaning buddy dumbasses if I was going to cheat I wouldn't be stupid enough to post it on fb where the world can see and Bobby Joe knows my friends fucking retards so stop trying to spy on me because you will never be able to get things right your to fucking stupid you all need to grow the fuck up and act your age instead of like your in high school your 50 and 60 years old not teenagers grown ass women acting like this do you know how ppl are laughing at you and one last thing I need to add is Mary are you fucking In love with your brother and wanting him to be with you because that's what you act like you have done this to every relationship he has tried to have he is not like that he would never do anything like that I think its true other wise why would Emory be jealous and get so mad at you for trying to worry about your brother and trying be with him at the hospital unless Emory does have a heart and knows what you are doing trying to kill him is wrong that's all I have to say and if you know what's best you will leave the hospital and stop this go away never come back around Bobby Joe leave us alone I'm giving you all fair warning garments for bridesmaid in color aqua blue