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The Tatiana series SPIN-OFF, (currently untitled) is HOT with almost all new characters!

Sample of my current work (untitled urban fiction)

Lush stepped into the room where several other girls she knew from the business. Every one of them was beautiful in one way or another. There were many different ethnicities, shapes, sizes, and costumes. Lush counted a total of eight women; including her, there were nine. She was offered a champagne flute which she gladly accepted. She walked around the room introducing herself to the other “entertainment” and bodyguards. No one seemed to be interested in striking up a conversation so she made her way back to Shonn who at least said more than one or two words to her, although he had a stone face and didn’t seem personable at least he was someone to talk to. “Shonn, you seem familiar. Have we met before? Maybe down at the strip club or in a more private setting?” Lush sipped her champagne.

“What club do you work at?” he asked, but he already knew. He knew more about her than she realized. They exchanged pleasantries for the next ten minutes and although they never figured out how he looked so familiar to her, Shonn did, in fact, know her from the past; the distant past.

“Welcome, ladies.” John sashayed into the room with a clipboard in his hands. “I am going to assume that you have all introduced yourself to each other. I have your assignments so listen closely.” He went on to give each girl her room and assignment for the night, saving Lush for last. “Lush, honey, you’ll be entertaining three special men tonight in this suite. Shonn will be here to provide security. The rest of you ladies will have Benny, Tyrone, and Don for security. Any questions?” He looked at the crowd.

“Yes, John, I have a question, why is she getting three men? Lush turned to the look at the bitch in the Indian costume, with a full headdress.

“Cause I’m just that good, bitch. That’s why.” Lush answered before John could. He shot Lush a look that pretty much said, “knock the shit off.”

John looked at the Indian for a few seconds then said, “How about you just worry your pretty self with what you’re doing for the night, sweetheart.” She looked at Lush with a look that told her she wasn’t happy. Lush continued to sip her champagne and look unbothered. “Alright ladies, we thought we’d only have ten gentlemen for the party, we actually have nineteen scheduled. So, some of you may get lucky, some may not.” He looked directly at the Indian who pouted her lips and averted her look from John, which only ended up shaking her feathers, making Lush laugh loud enough to be heard across the room. John tried to conceal his small smile over the unnecessary tension between the two women but Lush caught it and when he looked in her direction again Lush saluted her champagne glass to him. John inclined his head toward her and began to usher the group into the main room to meet the gentlemen and get this party started. On the way toward the door of the adjoining room, he turned with final words of advice, “Oh, and ladies, if you have any issues, let security know. They will be there to protect your safety as well as the gentlemen. But if there is any drama at all, believe me, you will be escorted out and won’t be called again to work for me.” glitter bridesmaid dresses

Lush quickly placed her bag in the closet before leaving the room, since this would be where she’d be entertaining, there would be no need to carry anything. Shonn waited, then followed her into the adjoining room at a discreet distance.

The time it took Lush to run to the closet to drop off her bag, place her drink down, smooth down her dress in the mirror and lick her lips created just what she’d hoped it would, the appropriate pause in the parade of women to make it appear that she had her own special, delayed entrance to the room. It set her apart from the other women and made all the men in the room take notice. She paused in the doorway, then stepped into the room, without overdoing it and appearing trashy, Lush, sensually swung her hips and put on her best smile. It was show time.