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in 97 i think by the time the depositions happened i had forgotten. i went to the palm. i walked up to front of the bar that was empty there was a group of men at the edge. a tall man came near me he asked what do you think of computers i said oh i love them i am working on windows and learning it then i said your'e not my type then i rethought it after seeing him smile and said you are exactly my type. i ordered a cosmo in a martini glass and i touched his band and then i showed off my engagement ring. then i walked away to a table that had discarded drinks on it that i think i almost drank. some man with brown hair short asked why did n;t you talk to him he is rich i said i do not care if he is rich he said look at his watch. i tried to look before he came over i had looked over at the man and he mouthed dont drink that. i smiled. so i walked back over he was sitting on a bar stool. i touched his thigh and lightly squeezed it and whispered in his ear i was between him to be good and be safe and i walked out. then i went to my car i saw tom a co worker he asked lets go to a hotel i said no. i said guess whose in there bill gates. so we went in through the back door of the kitchen. tom and i stood there while i peeked through the crowd at bill then some girl with blue eyes and brown hair said i am melinda gates i said i do not care if you are melinda gates i did not know either of them. i looked at tom and asked did you do this then i walked out towards the door i saw my coworker and lunch friend mac i asked how could you let me talk to him. he said he is bill gates he owns microsoft. i said oh tell me on monday when i feel better. i went outside and called my fiance to pick me up. i left my car there a silver saturn. then the man came outside and pulled my by the arm we walked through the parking lot to grass i sat down then i got up and tried to hug him he pushed me off. then somehow a silver car pulled up we got in. he started to rummage through my purse i screamed i thought i was being robbed. i slapped him he flinched i asked who did this to you he said your family i said do you believe in jesus he said yes. i said everything will be okay. he put a cassette in the deck. i leaned back in the seat all the way down he leaned over and said kiss me i said no i have cosmo breath motioned on me and we began to make love i was very excited and could not wait i asked to be covered so he covered me with a coat. i was overwhelmed and i saw him looking towards the back window so i slapped him again. he leaned down and kissed me i pulled the buttons off his shirt and kissed his neck. i got out and someone asked if he hurt me i went home with my ex who saw us in the car some people screamed they believed in data when i asked them if they believed in jesus i said fire them all. so then i went to work after my boss came to my apt. they said i had a guest waiting it was him. i tried to touch his face where i slapped him he said do not touch me here i was insulted so i went upstairs to my desk. he followed sat on my desk i was at my computer he pointed at start asked what is that then he went to talk to mac i sat next to them i went to get him a chair and he put a time magazine in my chair with his picture on it i went to the conference room he pushed me against the wall. i was nervous he said my heart belongs to melinda i squeezed his butt and said your ass belongs to me he brought out a gift for me a black box and i said give it to him and i ran off he caught me and carried me down the stairs and then threw me on the ground i asked why did you throw me away. halter neck wedding bridal outfits