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I was sitting on break today between classes and went against what I've not been letting myself do in order to try and stay focused on school for the past few months. And that is to not read anymore studies about MS or the medications until I get on Christmas break. I came across this article which the headline is what grabbed me. Of course. When I was first diagnosed I asked my neurologist if the MS Society or any other "helping" entity kept a database of information of those diagnosed with MS. Meaning, not only the biomarkers (measurable levels of substances in the body or test results such as MRI results and different levels of biomarkers in the blood) but more specifically, in my mind, each patients complete history. In depth. All past exposures, illnesses, life events (stress-related), drinking, smoking, diet, etc. He said "No, I don't think there is anyone keeping track of any of that information." So today, when I read the headline and then delved into reading this my excitement and hope began building.Because I thought someone is finally gathering all of this info and that is when I strongly believe a cure for MS will be discovered. When the common denominator(s) between all are found. Something cannot be fixed without finding the cause. As I read further my excitement quickly began to dwindle. By the time I finished the article and had read a little bit more about Biogen the tears started to flow. Their mission is not to keep track of what I had hoped but to record massive amounts of biomarker results. This will help to create new drugs to keep the effects of MS at bay. As long as these drugs are taken daily. And that is great. But it is very very far from finding a cause and a cure. This also serves to bring a company to the forefront over competitors in MS drugs. And serves to maintain and increase profits. in stock bridesmaid dresses

I finally made it to class and held it together best I could without bursting into frustrated tears again as the article kept rolling through my mind. The potential profits of a company should not be a factor in the health and well-being of all.

Btw, Biogen, the maker of six different MS drugs, is up almost 2.5 points today. If you've got the moola to spend, a share is $319.87 on the market.

P.S. I do not talk about MS much with anyone and do my best to not let it inundate my mind. Strong is the name of my game. But when it hits me, it hits me. Thanks for lending an ear.

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