maid of honor wearings backtracking to 1920

Omg.. This was what I lived with for 4 years..
I didn't even realize it till recently.
Now looking back I have to say it made me grow and I'm stronger because of it.
I have been beating myself up for months wondering what I could have done different.
I let him make me believe that it was all my fault. Even though deep down I know it wasn't..
This divorce has had me in a funk for months.
I felt like I failed and when we said our vowes. We promised each other for better or worse
In sickness and in health. He is sick.. I thought it was wrong of me to leave knowing he's sick. maid of honor wearings backtracking to 1920
After reading this I feel a weight lifted..

*****They Never Change.
Once a narcissist, always a narcissist.
They will continue to act shallow, manipulate, and deceitful until the day they die.
There is no medicine or cure for them,
therapy is ineffective as well.******