maid of honor wearings cost below $100 in coral

I swear people are gunna start seeing how much of a bitch I can be like plz don't fucking insalt my intelligence plz don't take my kindness for weakness I'm really not fucking dumb or stupid and I wasent born yesterday so if u wanna try to intimidate me that's cool but I'm do me and fucking start dubbing niggas and bitches and cutting everyone tf off and trust me my block list will have y'all name on it for anyone who wants to come in my inbox on sum dumb shit or petty shit so as far as that goes have a great fucking night I'm off this shit gn to all the bullshit fuckery and dumb ads drama people wanna keep feeling they most tell me that they think is so fucking important when I could care or give two fucks about it plz everyone just stop with it and grow tf up and act ur age not ur shoe size like da fr fr maid of honor wearings cost below $100 in coral