maid of honor wears in fuchsia color

Like I said before, I don't give a rats ass for your fake feminism, or your made up isms and phobias, I don't care about your worn-out racist labels, I don't care how indoctrinated you are, I don't care that you hide in the shadows calling people like me from a pig to a dog, I don't care that you report me to Facebook when you're faced with the truth, just watch the video and accept full responsibility, not just for the life changing physical and mental injuries you have caused to Nikki Hurst, but take full responsibility for the two tier policing in the UK that your virtue signalling appeasement has caused. maid of honor wears in fuchsia color
The statement by Batley police that is begrudgingly, and painstakingly being covered by a few media outlets 29 days after this 'RACIST' attack on Nikki, is absolute bollards and needs exposing.
I stand by my original post when I said that had it been the other way around, the Media would be all over this like a rash, and the 650 criminals in Westmonster would be debating it 24/7 .