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*ADOPTION ALERT * DELHI/NCR. Domestic send off is possible

Bheeni is a tiny 50-55 day indie-mix girl. Vaccinated, de-wormed and anti-flea treated. She maybe growing in age but looks very tiny. She was born to a mother who is not able to nurse her litter nor stays with the litter. This is the mother's nth litter. (All my attempts to sterilise her failed - which I will explain in another post because of the sheer amount of rant it would need). maternity wears for wedding at affordable price

Bheeni lovesss her hoomans. She lifts her tiny paw to nudge your hand telling you to play with her. Bheeni is every bit her name. She loves lying on the blanket or any cloth in the sun. She thinks she is no less than any celebrity sunning herself at the beach <3

She loves to drink milk, eat rice (and also feed rice to her forehead and cheeks), roll in the grass and wag her tiny dot of a tail while getting a hang of your trousers/tracks

Bheeni was part of a litter of 7, one kid was killed infront of me by another female dog and one kid went missing 5 days ago. Another kid has gone missing today. All my attempts to find them have failed.

Bheeni is looking for her forever home ASAP as she does not want to end up fighting a big dog alone and has no one to protect her.
Note: All adoption formalities will apply. Spaying will be a mandatory clause. This also ensures that the female dog does not go into heat (no periods) and no risk of accidental pregnancy.
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