mother of the brides or groom wears suitable for fall

Black Seed (Nigella Seed)

It is narrated by the hadith that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) said: 'Use the black seed because it has a relief of all diseases, but death.'

Black seed has a tasty aroma and contains phosphate, iron, phosphorate, carbohydrate, oil 28%. It contains anti-virus bacteria, carotene, anti-cancer fighting material, and hormones which give strength and activity.

There are many, many benefits of the black seed. Here we will list some of them.

1. Dizziness and ear infection: use it as a drop for the ears, for 'infection'; and drink it in tea and rub under your cheek and at the back of your neck for dizziness.

2. For women and delivery: it is the best thing for helping with the pains of labor. Boil the black seed with honey and drink.

3. For skin diseases: mix a unit of the black seeds' oil with a same unit of rose water and 2 units of brown flour. Before you use the mix rub the area with a cloth dipped in vinegar. Lightly apply the mix to the skin and then expose to the sun every day. mother of the brides or groom wears suitable for fall

4. Rheumatism: Warm black seed oil and massage the oil into the painful areas. Also, make a drink of boiled black seed and mix with honey, drink before going to sleep; and have a lot of yaqeen (full-faith).

5. High blood pressure: Mix the black seed with hot liquids you may drink, such as coffee, tea, etc; and rub your body with the oil and have yaqeen.

6. Chest pains and colds: Add 1 tablespoon of the black seeds in boiling water and inhale the vapor and cover your head before you sleep.

7. Heart burn: add a few drops of black seed oil to a hot cup of milk and add one teaspoon of honey. Also, eat a lot of lettuce.

8. Eye pain: rub the oil around the eyes before you sleep and mix a few drops of the oil with hot drinks.

9. Ulcers: Mix 10 drops of black seed oil with a cup of honey. Eat 1 spoon of this mixture daily, every morning, before you eat or drink anything else. Follow with a glass of milk. Do this for two months.

10. Cancer: Rub the affected area with black seed oil. 3 times a day drink a mixture of a teaspoon of the oil with a glass of carrot juice. Do this for three months.

11. Laziness: Mix 10 drops of black seed oil with a glass of orange juice when waking up for 10 days. Important, do not sleep after Fajr salat.

12. For memorizing: Boil mint and mix it with honey and 7 drops of black seed oil--drink while warm any time of the day. Also, stop drinking coffee and tea.