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Royal love
episode 1b
I looked back at Diana, breathing
heavily from my rant. When I saw that she
had shrunken back into the shadows, I
immediately felt guilty for scaring her.“Diana,
I didn’t me-” I started.“No, it’s alright. I non white color items for wedding
understand,” she cut me off quietly. I was
about to say more
when Mistress Henfield, the head lady who
supervised everything we did walked into
the kitchen, clapping her hands.“Ladies, let’s
go, let’s go! Their Royal Highnesses cannot
starve!” she shouted at us.“We should go
before we get yelled at,” Diana said quickly
before running off
and taking her place behind a tray of food.I
sighed before doing what I was supposed
to do, putting the final touches on the food
before it was sent out.The rest of the
servers lined up behind me as I finished,
ready to get rid of the tempting food before
them. All we get for dinner is some gruel
and stale bread which we eat in our
quarters.“Dinner is served!” Mistress
Henfield announced from outside the
kitchen doors, which was our que to enter. I
will never get tired of seeing the Grand
DiningHall during supper time. The tables
were always dressed in the lightest, palest
shade of baby blue tablecloths, with silky
silver sashes tied around the chairs as an
accent.The bouquets were made up of
white lilies, Queen Geraldine’s favorite. But
tonight, there was a little extra surprise.
Glowing candles were put around the lilies
on every table.Candles were a rarity here in
Adraevia, even for the rich and royal,
especially since we’ve been at war for the
past five years. Owning them, or even
catching a glimpse at them is a treat.The fact
that King Antony and Queen Geraldine went
to all the trouble to get
them and light candles means that
something special is bound to happen
soon.I stood in the corner of the room,next
to Jane, a twelve year old kitchen aid and
leaned down to whisper in her ear,
“Have you noticed the candles?”
“Yes,” she looked up with a
mischievous glint in her dark eyes.
I gasped, “You know something!”
“Of course I do. Chef cannot keep a
secret, and who else to tell but me?” Jane
replied as we walked back to the kitchen,
leaving the King and Queen to dine quietly
with their guests.“I can’t believe you know
something and didn’t tell anyone!” I
gaped.“I know almost everything. The only
thing I don’t know is when it’s going to
happen,” she admitted. “And you know I’d
get punished if I told,”.“I must be going to
my quarters now. See you tomorrow,
Florence!” Jane waved
me off, and I realized we’d reached the
exit of the kitchen.
I hadn’t spotted Diana, which meant
I’ll be walking to the maids’ quarters
alone, as I didn’t have many friends.
My cheap cobbler shoes clacked
against the cold, gray, gloomy stone floor
as I walked down the two sets of stairs to
reach the ugly brown wood door that
opened to the maids’ quarters.
I opened the door, and a wave of
depression hit me at seeing the poor
quality room. Fifty or so single metal beds
with pokey hay filled mattresses lined the
walls on either side. Thin material that
was normally used to make
undergarments was all we had for a
We were not allowed to bring
personal possessions when we moved to
the palace from home, nor allowed to
hang anything on the walls. And to top it
all off, there were several leaks in the
ceiling, making the floor wet and slippery.
Longingly, I thought of the Royal
Chambers, with the heavenly feather filled
pillows and proper privies.
I shook myself out of the daze I was
in. ‘Vanity and jealousy are sins,’ I
reminded myself.
I continued to my bed near the end
of the left wall. Mam was already seated in
her bed, to the right of mine, slipping off
her shoes.
“Florence, darling, have you heard?”
she asked as I approached.
“Heard what?” I responded to her
question with another question.
“King Antony is relieving all maids of
regular duties tomorrow as we are to
prepare for a special guest!” Mam