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Dear Ones,

We must, with the greatest sadness, announce that our "Little Brother", Our TuFu, passed on to the Rainbow Bridge at around 8 AM this morning.

As most of you know, Tooie, who was one of our late father's dogs, was an old man. He'd been blind for a few years, had a bit of arthritis, had a heart murmur that had held steady for the past five years, and had issues with skin allergies.

Still, he was eating like a MUCH larger dog, and was more than happy to do so. We felt that, so long as that was the case, he was a pretty happy fellow (he would literally wake up from a dead sleep and start looking for snacks when he smelled our shoes!). old hollywood prom dresses

Last night, he didn't want dinner, or his bedtime snack; by early this morning, he couldn't stand up from a lying position.

This morning, as we placed him in the car to go to the vet and do the sadly inevitable, he passed quietly away... at home, if you will.

While his passing is not unexpected, and was--thankfully--very gentle, we can't help but miss him. We will for some time to come, we know... and we will never, ever, forget him.

Hug your babies for us, will you? <3

Go well, our sweet old man--and thank you for the last 16 years. Say "Hi" to Pop for us, when you get to the Bridge... <3 <3 <3