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This article is written by the kind of male that really thinks women should be kept barefoot at the kitchen sink while he plays golf. So, we can get by with one pair of trainers for day to day wear, flip flops when it is hot & some sort of flat pump to suit the needs of all occasions when we might be required to look a bit more feminine/dressed. POPPYTOFF. When it is icy cold/snowing - wherever you are, you need a good pair of non slip waterproof mid calf snow boots with, ideally, removable warm lining.For being in the country/festivals, to avoid wet muddy feet, you need wellies. Wellies with liners can be used as snow boots, but you can't walk far. Climb hills or do long walks & you will need hiking boots. Unless you are a fanatic, out there in all weathers, a light summer hiking boot is best. A pair of dubarrys will do most of these jobs but this will set you back by at least £150, & summer distance walking can be a bit heavy footed and hot. At the pool/beach you need flip flops/pool shoes. For office work you need shoes that look OK with loose trousers, dresses & skirts. Low courts/brogues in autumn/spring, low heeled ankle boots in the winter. If it is hot in the summer, a robust low heeled sandal. Generally, if you are sitting at a desk a lot, your leg circulation will be challenged & tight trousers should be avoided. If casual is ok at your work a canvas pump will see you through all but the worst of the winter & they are best worn with jeans or loose cotton cut-offs. Wear a dress & you could look a bit needy.They are good out of work too, but you will need 2 pairs if you wear them all the time, one to wash, one to wear. If you have to do any walking during your working day, spongy soles prevent sore bones.For trucking around in the cold wet british climate you need flat jodphur/biker boots that keep your ankles warm ,can be pulled on or off quickly, that are waterproof, again with soles that have give in them. These should be replaced every year but can be made to last longer if liners are used. Again, if your workplace is more casual, these will do for work in the winter.For sporty activity you need trainers of some sort & if this is all you wear for trucking around then again, you will need 2 pairs, one to wash, one to wear or athelete's foot is almost inevitable. Thinking about it, If trainers are all you wear, you will probably need 4 pairs, 2 low rise for warmer dry days & two high rise, for when it is cold & wet. At least one high rise pair should be grey or black, so they do not get completely trashed when you unintensionally find yourself having to wade in muddy water somewhere.To look respectable when it is hot, & not suffer from sweaty feet, you need a pair of strappy flat sandals, either that or ventillated, soft, highly prized, often expensive, non sweaty flat leather pumps. For going out on holiday or a more casual dressed up summer look, wedges are a must for many. To look sexy/feminine we need 2 pairs of occasion shoes, one for the summer, probably in a lighter colour, suitable for races/wedding/party, probably some sort of strappy sandal with a heel. For the winter, in a darker colour,a heeled court or maybe a slingback or heeled boot, suitable for theatre/meal out/party/concert. A quality black mid heeled slingback can be made to do for most "occasions". Occasion shoes are most importantly a statement, & depending on the occasions that we wish to have, for some this could mean brightly coloured platform knee high boots.If you are feeling flush, a flat heeled classy long boot is just generally a good thing to have, in my opinion. Oh & in the house, barefoot is not a good idea. You need house-shoes that are washable, spongy, keep your feet well ventillated, can be worn with socks & can be slipped on or off quickly. If you can't stretch to these, use your flip fops & juggle with socks & cold feet. leather deck shoes can be worn inside in less fussy environments. Slippers are a bit naff, unless you just use designer moccasins/loafers for posing round the fire, tripping to the kitchen to see how lunch is progressing, or towelling ones for when you come out of the bath/shower. try not to be seen outside with these, emptying the bins or hanging the washing. Now I make that about 7-18 pairs of shoes, not 3. Anything less leads to ruined footwear, broken bones,frostbite,trench foot, athletes foot, bunions blisters misery & possible humiliation. In the UK today, the average woman has about 24 shoes. Some surveys say more than this. OK, a few more than we need, but physically painful mistakes, not apparent at the point of purchase are made. We are not even talking about high heels here. No, shoes that are meant to be practical & comfy. People use the term, breaking in. Stuff that, buy Italian.Oh & there is that pair of £250 gladiator sandals for £10, with the zip up the back. With the best will in the world, I am not tall & slim & I have wide calves. Only 5 years later did I find an inexpensive long flimsy silk dress that would hide this fact sufficently & still show off the shoe from a side view due to there being just enough of a slit at the side of the garment. All I need now is a VERY hot day in a suitable location & a wee tad of weight loss.... romantic boho wedding garments hippie style

How Many Shoes Does a Woman Really Need? How many shoes does a woman really NEED? If you are bartering the subject of needs versus wants, the answer would be dependent upon lifestyle and