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Stella was given to me by my godmother after my wedding to go with me in order to help me in some domestic chores. She was 12 when she came to our house. She just finished her primary education and her parents couldn't afford to send her to secondary school because of their financial constraint. My godmother pleaded with me to help train her in school and ensure she becomes a good woman.
Immediately we arrived Lagos after our wedding, I enrolled Stella in one of the best schools in the neighborhood. My friends were against my idea of putting her in such an expensive school since she was not related to me. My husband was neutral, he gave me full authority to do what I like with her.
We had delay in child bearing so I spent a lot taking care of Stella. I treated her like our own daughter since we are yet to have ours. She wore the best clothes we could afford, ate whatsoever she likes and decided what she wanted. I didn't regret all I did for Stella because she's really hard working. Since we have no children, work in the house were not much. Before I get up from bed she would have done almost every work at home and get breakfast ready. Her meals have some local scent that made my husband love her food. We both love her cooking so I left the kitchen for her. I only prepare momoi anytime my husband wants it. short sexy wedding dresses
At 18 Stella had become a complete woman with nice shape and gorgeous look. She is so sexy and attractive with or without make up. Before she got admission into the University, boys were all over her. Her beauty of course is unresistable.
I became worry when my husband began to pass some nice comments at her. Like - "you look beautiful", 'your dress is nice", "you look sexy" etc. I held my patience so he won't say I'm jealous but deep inside me I was not comfortable. Things grew worse as I have caught my husband stirring at Stella's backside with wrap attention. On several occasions I barged on him