v neck outfits for prom party

Time allowed;10 mins
Instruction; choose answer that best suit your opinion
1.Define the term love?
A.the cheating and fooling in relationship
B.the chemical reaction of the brain in relation to a member of opposite sex
C.what a person know about his/hr relationships, feelings and passions
2.how do u know if your partner has true love for u?
A.by asking if they lov u
B.by observing his deeds, ways, words and all talks about their loved one
C.by checking the messages in his/hr fon
3.what can you do if a girl u want to propose has a similar surname to you?
A.go on and propose her
B.stop showing the green lights coz its your sister
C.change your surname inorder to win her
4.who cheat most in a relationship?
A. males
5.in point form, expalain (with examples) any five groups of people you would not like to marry v neck outfits for prom party
The time is 14:52 u can start writing
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