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HARUMI is a synergistic herbal made from the extracts of betel leaf, root turmeric, basil, and beluntas plant (Indian camphorweed). The synergy of these herbs once used by the Queen and the Princess of Javanese kingdom to maintain the health of female reproductive organs and keep the relationship with her spouse remain harmonious and intimate. wedding collections With Lace Appliques in knee length

Harumi can be used to reduce body and vaginal odor, excessive vaginal discharge caused by fungus Candida albicans, and maintain the body health.


he betel leaves (Piperis folium) contains an active substance named phenol that acts as an antiseptic. Antiseptic in the betel leaf is 5 times more effective at killing germs than BKO phenol (chemical drugs). Betel leaf extract contains kavikol that effective to kill germs and fungicides, eliminate body and vaginal odor, and as an antioxidant.
The turmeric root (Curcuma domestica rhizomes) extract contains curcumin which is helpful to nourish the body's internal organs and launch the production of glands in the body.

The leaves of basil (Ocimum canum folium) contains essential oils that act as an antiseptic. It has a fragrant, fresh, and cool smell which is effective in reducing body and vaginal odor. This essential oil also has a sedative effect (calming) and contain an aphrodisiac substance to increase the libido.

The beluntas leaf or Indian camphorweed (Folium pluchea) extract has potential as a natural antioxidant that can replace the use of TBHQ (Tertiary Butylhydroquinone), a synthetic antioxidant. Beluntas leaves also contain beta carotene (pre-vitamin A).

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