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*Code:* 2027/1
*Paper:* One
*Time:* 15min
* From Option A,B,C Choose the correct Answer. Each question carries 30mark. *SECTION A.*
*1.*What is the capital city of LOVE.
(C)Feelings. *2.*What makes a relationship strong.
(A)Honesty. (B)Sex.
*3.*Who cheat most in relationship.
(A)Guys. (B)Ladies.
(C)A and B
*4.*Who are more faithful in relationship. (A)Ladies.
(C)All of the above. *5.*Who lies most in relationship.
(C)None of the above. *SECTION B.*
INSTRUCTION: Answer any two question.
*1.* What is Love. *(3marks)*
*2.* Why is kiss important in relationship. *
*3.* Why do girls have more than 1 boy. * (3marks)* *4.*Between the Guys and the Ladies who
relationship. *(3marks)*
In one word give 5 reason why is it difficult for Ladies to propose to Men. Your Time Starts Now. But wedding wears at $99
remember to share to all your freinds because
the question papers are not much to go round.
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