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Tonight as I sit by the fireplace and reflect on the events of last Thursday, I want to share what has been the most frightening situation I've encountered in the past years. On Thursday I underwent emergency surgery to repair a detached retina.

Symptoms were seeing a bronze bubble in the corner of my right eye, occasional light flashes, and blurry vision. I suspected a detached retina and got in to see my opthamologist the next day. Within an hour my doctor confirmed my wors ... t fears, and immediately arranged for surgery. By 3 p.m.the same day, the 20-minute procedure was over and it was successful. How grateful I am to Dr. Ravi at City Hospital and the staff there for all their efforts and kindness.

I'm posting this to let you know how crucial it is to contact your optometrist or other eye specialist immediately if you notice any symptoms. If the leaking fluids in your eye progress too far towards your field of vision, it's impossible to fix. Blindness can occur. Thankfully, it all worked out for me. See websites such as the Mayo Clinic or other reliable sources to find out more. Don't delay in seeking help immediately. wedding wears in cream or beige

Another positive note - my very colorful bruised and blood-shot eye will be just what's needed to greet the Halloween crowd in a couple days!

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