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I've taught martial arts for the past 15 years and still am. I can report the same findings. The best part though is finding a child that is not vaccinated. They are ALWAYS healthy physically and mentally!

My comment: we see and hear this everywhere, something awful has been done to a generation of kids and we all know what it is.

Paula Kaartinencomments .. I'm a substitute teacher in K-12. I can't look at autistic kids without thinking this might have been prevented. I look at other kids and think they probably have aluminum and mercury deposits on their brains or in their muscles. As a child, the only special ed students I knew had Downs Syndrome or had been in an accident. One or two friends were allergic to pollen - - not foods. Tics weren't seen. Now there are facial tics, verbal tics, even mental tics of recurring words and phrases. what dress to wear for second wedding