what to wear for a middle school prom party

As young men grow up, they get to understand how beneficial the patriarchal system is to their gender. Suddenly that boyfriend who didn't care if you washed or cooked for him has a huge problem with it, he insists you cook and calls you out for not being a "proper" woman. The man who had no problem with you being ambitious now has an issue with it, he asks when you will ever have time for the chores, his needs and your children's needs. That boy who promised to always be a father to your kids, now wants to be a glorified baby sitter because taking care of his own kids isn't his job but yours. He can't understand why you two should share the chores because that's not what men do. He once found your outspokenness attractive and loved how you knew your own mind and now he hates it so much, asks why you just can't be like other women, soft, pretty and submissive. He informs you that women should be seen and not heard. He now sees how making you submissive makes him live a better life, how it makes him King, why should he treat you like a decent human being when he feels it won't benefit him. He calls it tradition/religion when in actual fact it's oppression and he intends to be the master for as long as you are alive. what to wear for a middle school prom party