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You must read This Conversation ! ! ;(
Girl: Sweety do you really love me and wish to
marry me?
BOY: Yes baby I love you will all my heart.
GIRL: Really??
BOY: Yes baby.
Two weeks later........
GIRL: I think am sick.
BOY: How do you feel baby.
GIRL: My waste is just heavy.
BOY: Don't worry it may just be that you over
stressed yourself.
Next day.......
BOY: Baby how do you feel now?
GIRL: Sweety, i can't explain again.
Can you believe i had vomited 3 times today
BOY [fear grip him]: Jesus!!! Are you serious?
GIRL: Yes baby, my tummy is equally aching
I Feel so dizzy.
BOY: What do you think is Wrong?
GIRL: I think am pregnant. Iam Really Scared.
The Next day.........
GIRL calling BOY on phone But No answer.
She called again and again But No answer.
She called for the 20th time but Phone is
switched off.
Next day..........
The GIRL gave the BOY a surprise visit.
BOY: Who are you looking for?
GIRL: So you don't know me ?
Iam Mary, your love.
BOY: Mary or whatever you call yourself, just
bundle yourself out of my house.
GIRL: I will but before i go just know that am
not pregnant.
It was just a test And you failed.
The Girl just left.
The BOY ran after her saying......
"Please honey forgive me"
If you were the GIRL would you accept him

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