yellow color wear for mother of the bride

An English version of what I wrote yesterday in French, for those who do not understand french: What fascinates me the most in some humans is their ability to be hypocritical to the point of pretending to be your friends and get you to express opinions on things and people to better put you down by using and twisting those words and inform other people of what I said through the lens of their own interpretation. We all have to be hypocritical in life because that is the way it is: we have to have a positive attitude at work for example even when we know exactly that people we work with don't give a shit about you and would be happy to see you down on your knees and don't sight when reading this: the number one cause of absenteeism is bullying so I am far from being wrong!. yellow color wear for mother of the bride
However, there is a difference between having to pretend because of circumstances and actively pretend to be friends with someone to then use their words to destroy their relations with others. and we people do this in groups it is even more perturbing. Everybody has the right to express their views and opinions as far as I know in Canada so if you are falling into this category of pretend friends please help us all by eliminating yourself from my friend's list. if you disrespect me to this point: disappear from my space and please don't great me with a hello and a smile stretched from your asshole to your ear next time our path cross, I have no need for these types of hellos. Your energies are busy with things that
disinterested me to the highest point!